Personnel compliance

Depending on the role in the Latvian school of Adelaide you require following compliance:

1. Criminal history screening
All teachers, principals, regular helpers, relieve teachers, school board members, financial officer, school board secretary must obtain Criminal History clearance before commencing work at school or being elected to the school board. 

Ethnic School Board requires that "
all relevant personnel  working directly or in close proximity with children under 18 or who have access to children’s records in an ethnic school – paid or unpaid (voluntary) will be required to undertake criminal history screening.’ This includes personnel in ethnic schools who are, but not limited to: 

- Principals, Teachers and Contact Persons
- Cultural instructors (e.g. debating, music and drama coaches) 
- working in a library, office, managing a canteen 
- accepting a position on a governing/school council, board or committee 
- volunteer parents and non parents engaged in overnight camps 
- volunteer parents and non parents working one to one with other people’s children within or outside the school, eg music, drama 
- volunteer parents and non parents acting as a coach of teams or groups of children 
- transport helpers (taking children other than their own child in their car for an official school excursion) 
All relevant school personnel must be screened and cleared prior to commencing work (paid or voluntary) in an ethnic school."

Generic application form for Child related Employment Screening. For Latvian School we have pre-filled form with school related information and it can be downloaded from here.  Please follow instructions carefully. Teachers registered with TRB of SA must supply copy of the Certificate of Registration with the TRB. They are not required to undergo criminal history screening. 

2. Child Safe Environments training course

"All personnel must have completed Child Safe Environments Training before they commence work in an ethnic school". Personnel list is on the form ESB15.
Currently our school's personnel list includes teachers, principals, president of the School Board and Financial officer. 

Training course schedule is here. 

Teachers who hold a current Certificate of Registration with the Teachers Registration Board of SA must provide a copy of their Certificate of Registration to their  ethnic school as evidence of  attendance at Mandatory Notification Training (Child Safe Environment Training).

3. Accreditation Course

Teachers who are not registered with the Teachers Registration Board of SA, or who do not work in a language related field in a tertiary (University or TAFE) setting, are required to complete a four-day Accreditation Course provided by the Board in the first year of work in the Ethnic school. 

4. Profile Forms

All school personnel volunteering or employed must have completed Profile forms - for teachers and non-teachers Personnel list is on the form ESB15