Yearly compliance requirements 2014

Every year school must submit Child Safe Environments Compliance Statement. There are 12 minimum requirements. 

Year 2014 compliance statement 

#Met, as of Dec 2013 RequirementType of document Comment on Dec, 2013Met as of
May, 2014
 1 YesOur ethnic school has a documented Risk Management Plan that identifies, assesses and takes steps to minimise and prevent risk of harm to students because of the physical environment and/or actions of staff members, volunteers or other children. Plan  Yes
 2In ProgressOur ethnic school has a documented Child Safe Environments Policy that outlines our commitment to children’s well-being and safety. PolicyFinal draft has been completed. Awaiting review and approval of Adelaide Latvian School board in the begging of 2014 school year.Yes
 3In progressOur ethnic school's Child Safe Environment Policy is supported by guidelines and procedures that are relevant to our school. 

Incident, injury, trauma and illness report forms

Reporting an allegation of abuse 

Managing Child Protection complaints and allegations
 Guidelines Yes
YesOur ethnic school communicates our Child Safe Environment Policy and Procedures to all personnel, parents/carers and students.Forms to signStarting from 2014 Child safe policies are published on school's website and staff, volunteers and parents have to sign document indicating that they have read policies and procedures. Yes
 5 YesOur ethnic school has a Code of Conduct for students and adults. Policy   Yes
 6 YesOur ethnic school understands our obligations to conduct criminal history assessments (refer to DCSI website page) on staff and volunteers who work with children as required by the Children’s Protection Act 1993 (Section 8B) Guidelines   Yes
 7In ProgressOur school has a policy and/or procedure for assessing and dealing with Criminal History Information and storing this information securely.  GuidelinesProcedure is drafted. Awaiting review and approval of Adelaide Latvian School board in the begging of 2014
school year.
 8In ProgressOur ethnic school has procedures for recruiting suitable personnel that includes, as a minimum, Criminal History Screening through the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion: Criminal History Screening process.  GuidelinesProcedure is drafted. Awaiting review and approval of Adelaide Latvian School board in the begging of 2014
school year.
 9 YesPersonnel at our ethnic school are actively supported and supervised.    Yes
 10   YesOur ethnic school encourages and supports personnel to maintain their knowledge of Child Protection and Child Safe Environments and keeps records of the training.        Yes
 11 YesOur ethnic school actively encourages the participation and involvement of students where appropriate.    Yes
 12 YesPersonnel in our ethnic school are educated to recognise signs of suspected abuse and neglect and know how to respond appropriately.    Yes